XTR Kurbel Part II

Morgen wird sie nun offiziell vorgestellt. Nach Mutmaßungen über Optik und technische Aspekte bei Fotos eines Prototypen, taucht nun ein weiteres Foto auf, was der Serienversion schon sehr nahe kommt, bzw. wahrscheinlich die Serienversion zeigt:

XTR Kurbel 2007

Quelle: MTBR.com

EDIT – 01.06.2006 – Offizielle News von Shimano:

Die neue Kurbeleinheit FC-M970. Gewicht: 776 Gramm inkl. Innenlager. Mehr Einzelheiten siehe weiter unten!

XTR Kurbel 2007

Die neuen Umwerfer FD-M970 / FD-M970-E / FD-M971:

XTR 2007XTR 2007XTR 2007

Last but not least: finally we are lifting the curtain of the new XTR crankset and front derailleurs. The ultimate weapons for hard core mountain bike racing.

Crankset with integrated BB
Crankset FC-M970 is one of the most remarkable highlights of the new XTR group. Very lightweight with 776 grams including the bottom bracket and with an impressive rigidity thanks to Shimano’s proven HOLLOWTECH II technology.

Special attention for the middle chainring that features a big surprise: a titanium construction with a carbon fiber shell that improves durability by 100% while maintaining the same weight compared to the current aluminum chainring.

The outer chainring is 50% more rigid than the current one for improved shifting performance. Smooth front shifting is also guaranteed by Shimano’s HYPERDRIVE technology with well-positioned shift ramps to support smooth gear changing. The outer chainring is also more durable thanks to a new nickel-plating process.

The crank arm is constructed of anodized aluminum with the XTR logo lasered into the arm. These cranksets will be available in seven different crank arm lengths: 165/167,5/170/172,5/175/177,5 and 180 mm. It has a 4-arm spider and following chainring combinations will be available: 44-32-22T and 44-32-24T.

Finally, there is a new left crank arm mounting system for easier installation and weight saving. See attachment for further details.

Front derailleurs
The new XTR group features three models of front derailleurs. All three have a wide link design for increased rigidity and an improved positioning of the adjustment screws for easier reach.

· FD-M970 is a Top-Swing front derailleur with a multi clamp band. Super lightweight with only 125 grams.
· FD-M970-E is an E-type Top-Swing front derailleur for bottom bracket mounting. Weight is 142 grams.
· FD-M971 is a Down-Swing front derailleur with a multi clamp band. The X-symbol of the new XTR group is integrated in the design of this product. Weight is 148 grams.

With these products all details of the new XTR group have been revealed now. Count down until coming October when the new XTR group will be available in the market!

Quelle: Shimano

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